Air Cargo Containers

Granger has been manufacturing custom Air Cargo Containers for nearly 20 years. With over 20,000 Air Craft containers to its manufacturing experience, Granger is the leading Rotational Molding Company in the Aerospace industry. Providing a number of industry leading solutions, Granger Aerospace Products has recently unveiled a line of proprietary Air Cargo Containers. Granger is now proud to offer it's LD 2 (ULD 2), LD 3 (ULD 3), LD 8 (ULD 8) Containers with its industry leading single polymer shell design, with leading aluminum features. The Granger Aerospace ULD's offer a signifcant maintenance and fuel burn savings to commercial airlines and cargo carriers. Read more throughout the website to learn more about Granger Plastics Company and Granger Aerospace Products, both divisions of Granger Industries, Inc.

LD 3 AKE Ultimate Load Test Video!

LD 3 AKN Ultimate Load Test Video!

See the forkliftable LD 3 AKN air cargo container successfully complete the FAA's Ultimate Load Testing in the video above!

LD 3 AKN Side Load Test- 8 Days

In typical fashion of Granger's commitment to quality and excellence, Granger decided to allow it's newly unveiled, LD-3 Air Freight Container to hang in the side load position, while loaded with 5,283 pounds of sandbags. Watch in the video above, as the air cargo container hangs for 8 days. Coming soon, Granger Aerospace will video the repairs to this container, making it ready for the tarmac all over again!

Custom Air Cargo Containers in Use

Aircraft Containers and Air Cargo Containers

Granger Plastics Rotational Molding

World leader in the Rotational Molding Industry!

Plastics and Metals solutions under one roof! The Granger Plastics Company, a Rotational Molding Company of plastics, has expanded its state of the art operations to include a full service, in house metals fabrication facility. Granger Plastics, operates state of the art, Rotational Molding Ovens and metals fabrication equipment. This infusion of state of the art Rotational Molding equipment and metals fabrications keeps Granger Plastics among the World leaders in the Rotational Molding industry. Granger Plastics is also the manufacturer of the World-class innovations such as the Tornado Shelter and a patent pending line of Air Cargo Containers that have already saved multiple International leaders in small package shipping industry, tens of millions of dollars in reduced fuel burn and by lowering maintenance costs. Granger Plastics operates over 60,000 sq. feet in Middletown, OH, Granger Plastics is located close to I-75. Also taking its technology to a new level, is the innovation in which Granger monitors its safety of its employees and quality of its products under 24/7 CCTV, which can be viewed from anywhere in the world via the internet. . allows Granger Plastics to monitor its safety efforts, production and stores this information for at least a period of 2 years for future reference and access. Granger Plastics sets itself apart from other roto-molders by molding everything from the small and simple to the large and complicated. Having industry leading Engineering abilities in both Plastics and Metals, Granger Plastics brings a complete solution package to the table! Capable of working with you from concept and design, thru tooling fabrication, even up to drop shipping to your customers all around the globe! Granger Plastics provides world-class services to some of the biggest names from Aerospace to Waste Management and everything in between! Granger Plastics is your partner in Rotational Molding!

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