LD 8 Air Cargo Containers

Granger Aerospace Products has recently developed a line of proprietary ULD Containers, more commonly called Air freight Containers. The LD-8 by Granger Aerospace provides airlines and freight carriers a tremendous opportunity for a reduction in expenses, as Granger Aerospace's history has actually shown that its polymer/aluminum hybrid containers offer considerably less upkeep, while weighing less than the majority of rivals Air freight Containers, which equates to yearly fuel burn savings. The Granger Aerospace line of Air Cargo Containers also include a single piece polymer layer that is produced essentially stress free by a production process called Rotational Molding. Granger Plastics Company, a globally recognized leader in Rotational Molding has produced air cargo containers for a lot of market leaders for almost 20 years. See what advantages the Granger Aerospace Air freight Containers may provide to your business by reviewing the functions, requirements and LD 8 details below.

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LD 8 Air Cargo Container Features

  • Granger Aerospace Products Air Cargo Containers are the only cargo container manufactured from a combination of aluminum and durable LLDPE.
  • The LD-8 Body is weld-able
  • The Granger Aerospace Products Air Cargo Container is lighter than most standard containers.
  • Granger Aerospace Products cargo containers are robust.
  • No aluminum body panels to patch.
  • No aluminum body frames to replace.
  • Lighter weight, less down time and lower repair costs equals lower cost of ownership.
  • Enhanced Threshold.
  • Fewer fasteners to replace.
  • Unique design allows for faster repairs.
  • Less spare parts to keep in stock.
  • Granger Aerospace Products offers alternative solutions for your ULD needs.
  • It is our goal to offer our customer not only lower cost container but a trusted partnership for your company.
  • It’s our goal to offer more choices to our customers
  • Through or focus on technology and research, we are continually making improvements to our design.
  • Our customers save fuel by using robust as well as cost-efficient lightweight containers.
  • LD 8 Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications
    TSO   N/A
    IATA   LD-8/DQF
    SPEC.   AS 1677
    Granger Aerospace P/N   GA2-0108-2
    Base size 2438 mm x 1534 mm 96.0 in x 60.4 in
    Height 1625 mm 64 in
    Roof length 3175 mm 125 in
    Max. gross weight 2449 kg 5400 lb
    Internal volume 6.9 cu m 244 cu. ft
    External volume 7.5 cu m 265 cu ft
    Door opening 2254 mm x 1462 mm 88.75 in x 57.56 in
    Tare weight from 116.5 kg 257 lb

    ULD 8 | LD 8 Dimensional Specifications

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    LD 8 Technical PDF

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  • LD 8 Air Cargo Containers
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